Looking back at Oulton

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I was talked into trying the new Showa forks again. Javier, the team’s suspension man, thought he’d cured the problems I was having with them. My team-mate, James is getting on with them but I can’t get to grips. Again I couldn’t get any feel. I’m not getting any feedback. So I went out and tried to get used to them, pushing them, and ended up in a heap at Dingle Dell. After that the weekend was about making the best of a bad job. My head was gone. Those new forks had fried my brain and I had to recalibrate it with the old forks. I’ve got the North West and the TT now. I didn’t want to hurt myself and blow that. We put the old forks in for the race and scored a few more points. My short circuit season will start properly at Snetterton the week after the TT.