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Now then folks, how’s the weather treating you? Don’t complain, it’ll only rain are my words of wisdom for the week. It’s official it’s summer because, my old Saab is in action again, leopard skin interior, the lot. She started up a treat after being stood for nearly a year. Do you reckon she’s a bird-pulling machine? They’d have to be a classy bird to appreciate the lure of the Saab I reckon.


Well, it’s the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend for Danny the mechanic, the farmer’s daughter and me. It’ll be as posh as you like. I’ll even have to dig out some smart attire from somewhere. Danny is a proper fashion victim and the farmer’s daughter has spent the gross national turnover of a small country on some posh dress, so I’m going to have to make an effort of some sort. Looks like im going to do the Megavalanche thanks to Orange pushbikes, they’re lending me an Alpline 160 to do it on, so thanks a million. Right, best get some work done. I’ll get some pics of Goodwood put up, posh isn’t the word.