Land of Hope and glory

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Not a big lot to report on the motorbike front at the mo. I told you about me getting the lads all lined up for the TT. The lads have just got to arrange a bit of time off work and we’ll be sorted.

So all their is to tell is that I’ve been fairly busy at work in the truck yard, nowt too interesting, but it’s been keeping me out of mischief. In between the truck stuff I’ve been building my new push bike in my tea breaks and today after a morning at work, she had her virginal run out.

It wasn’t owt too strenuous, just something to get her nicely bedded in ready for our usual run out on Tuesday night.

Here’s a pic of her. I had a trip to the Hope factory the other day. Hope is a firm who’ve helped me out with a few trick bits for my growing push bike colection. They’re based near Skipton who have a good 80 odd folks working for em. They make the world’s trickest brake calipers for push bikes as well as bottom bracket bearings, head bearings, stems and few other trick bits and bobs. You’ve seen nowt like it. They’ve got 5 axis milling machines to cobble dogs with and some engineering gear I’ve never seen before. It was certainly an eye opener. So ta very much for giving me and my old boy a look round. Here’s the finished product.