Kim Newcombe, legend…

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It’s that time of the year again, the cod liver oil is out. Nowt too much of interest to mention. I hit a deer in the van on the way to work the other morning. I’m not doing much for my relations with our Countryside Alliance friends and the Transit hasn’t taken too kindly to it either.


Tight has any one seen this DVD – Love, Speed and Loss? I recommend it.  Kim Newcombe was a man after my own heart. He lived in New Zealand, saw an interesting engine in a boat, thought it’d work in a motor bike, he moved to Germany with his missus to meet the designer, met him, built a bike with  this engine in it, started racing it, won a world championship race, beat agostini, got killed, Kim newcombe, legend. A man with a plan.


And what about this bit of con rod? Out of a scania truck. Don’t reckon it’ll be finished by tea break, do you?