Killing in the name of…

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My mum always says ‘If you havent got owt nice to say, don’t say owt at all’. But I do think there is a time and a place for such goings on, and here it is.


X factor, whats it all about? Not sure myself, but it’s getting rammed down our throats left right and centre. If it’s not on the Ten ‘o’ Clock news, it’s on Steve Wright in the Afternoon about how we are faced with the new Elvis or John Lennon. My arse! is answer to that. Time will tell if they are going to be the next big thing, but what’s the chances, eh?


I’m sure the singers are lovely folk, but not for me, ta very much. So to get the message across  – to matey boy with his trousesrs around his nipples and that fit bird – that their stuff is a load of bollocks, go and buy one of my all time favourite singles. I’m going on good infomation from Jay at the Hein Gericke store in Cheltenham that if we buy enough of Rage Against The Machine’s single ‘Killing in the name of’, it will be at number one instaed of that X factor nonsense. He reckons its in the lead at the mo’. I’ve bought a few. The future I think.