July Update

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The TT, eh? I suppose I can’t complain about it, eh? I won the stationary show which was the main objective for the two weeks. Talking of stationary engines, as much as I love my early 1990s stuff, you’re only playing at it until you own a Rolls Royce Merlin 26 litre V12 engine. So, I’m knuckling down with the overtime to get my hands on one. Trouble is, they use about 4 gallons a minute so it’ll only be started on special occasions!


Talking of special occasions, this coming week should hopefully be a bit special. Got the Southern 100 motorbike race followed by the Saltzammergut Cup mountain bike race on Saturday. The Southern 100 is my favourite motorbike race of the year and the mountain bike race is the toughest one day race going – so this coming week won’t be easy.


Oh, I never mentioned about the competition winner from last time. Ta very much for all the replies – loads of good ‘uns! It wasn’t an easy choice but the one about the American soldier and the SAS bloke stood at the urinal had to take it. Good work. I’ll go through ‘em again and find out who wrote it.


A fair bit has been going on really. I’ve got a big restoration job on at work – a 1996 143 500 Scania. I’ll get some pictures stuck up but she will be a concourse winner when she’s done. I was at Goodwood last weekend with the future Mrs Martin, if that’s what we’ll call her? Loads of interesting stuff there as usual – and I reckon I’ve seen my new car. I’ll let you know. Oh, and I know I said that I wouldn’t do any more TV stuff but I’ve had a job put to me that I couldn’t turn down. It’ll fit in with work, so it was a no brainer – so that’s another one I’ll keep you posted on.


Right – competition time. The question is – if Johnny Vegas sold his wedding photos to VIZ for £1.00, who should I sell Mr and Mrs Martin’s to?