Jobs to do before you die

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I have a big list of em I’m working my way through, and getting locked up isn’t one of them. If it was, it’d ticked off now. There I was on Wednesday, minding my own buisness at work when I got taken to the cells by Mr Policeman. Not a clever thing, I’ll tell you, but I’m out in one peice and with a bit more respect for the law. Everyday is a school day.


The NW200 could have been better, but also could have been a damnsight worse. A big ta to Wilson for all his effort, and also to Cammy, Johnny and Danny for plugging through what seemed to be a mountain of work. Now it’s a big push to get everything spot on for the TT. So that’s where my dad comes in. We’ve both been busy after work getting stuff ready on the Superbike and 600, while johnny has been putting his finishing touches to the Superstock bike. Job’s looking right, a bit of reliability and we should be on the pig’s back. Where did that saying come from? Was it owt to do with Count Arthur Strong?