Italy, Australia and the Kings of Wanneroo

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Late as usual, but Rome in a day and all that. I haven’t been doing much for me carbon footprint in the last few weeks. First I was in Italy doing some stuff for Performance Bikes, then back from there straight to Australia for ten days. Can’t complain though, it’s not real work. is it?


I got back from Australia at the start of the week and it was straight back to a bit of normaility in the truck yard. As for Australia, now that was an eye opener, not so much the place, an eye opener in the way I got taught how to drink by the Irish. I’m not really designed for a lot of drinking but I gave it my best shot. By ‘eck though, them Paddies can’t half drink.


It all got a bit mad one night and Ryan Farquhar got the better of me and shaved one of my sidies off. Not quite sure how it all came about but I feel a bit naked. Reckon I’m going to stick with the one though, a change is as good as the rest.


As for Perth, a bit warm for me I reckon, but that wasnt a bad thing when we went to watch the Melbourne Cup at Ascot race course. The birds there weren’t leaving a lot ot the imagination in the way they were dressing. I’m all for a bit of sun shine when that’s the result. The bike racing was a good laugh. It was a series called the Kings of Wanneroo. It was nothing too serious, all of us on road bikes. We all, even the locals, got a lesson on how to ride by Johnny Rea, fair play to the old boy.


After the racing I managed to get a look in Western Australia’s biggest CAT dealer. Now I thought I worked on big stuff, but it’s not in the same league as these massive V16, 2500hp diesels that go in the 250-odd ton dumpers. I’ve even got a picture of one as my screen saver, sad or what.


Oh, I saw a Rob North BSA triple out there, too. She was tidy, and it’s interesting to see how they do stuff differently to the Brits. Oh, and I saw a Saab wannabe. Don’t recon the flames are as good, though. Prisoner Of her Majestys Service, POMS, that’s what the Sussies call us. I thought they were prisoners, weren’t they?