Inside the Orange Factory

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Press Release from Orange Mountain Bikes …


“Inside the Orange Factory with Guy Martin


Cut Media’s insight into the world of Orange Bikes, presented by Guy Martin…


A dimly lit workshop in the centre of Halifax is an unlikely backdrop for an art studio, twisting and manipulating aluminium, forming complex shapes to create a pure simplicity – the bike frame.

Proper engineering is a dark art in a world of sterile outsourced manufacturing. A black box of production, it was about time someone gave an updated snapshot into the people and processes that bring an Orange bike to life.

Cockney, Francis and Toddy bend and join aluminium using timeless skill and modern ingenuity, but getting them to explain what they do is no easy task. In steps TT legend and engineering ambassador to the people, Guy Martin.

A man of mechanical dexterity and dubbed the modern day Fred Dibnah, Guy phrases the questions nobody else would think to ask. Not afraid to state the obvious, he disseminates each step and shows exactly how a Five goes together. Banter in the workplace? Just a bit boy…

Guy gets a TIG welding assessment, Vaughan lets him loose with a gun, and wielding an Allen key he gets candid on DH “cock measuring”.

The usual factory video? Produced and innovatively shot by the legends at Cut Media, this is no ordinary tour…”