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Check out this pic of what turned up at work this morning. Now that’s proper, isn’t it? It’s 520bhp and does at standing quater at 155mph. More tea, vicar?


Ta very much for all the support at Scarborough. It was a mega turn-out and I did royally on the tea bags and biscuit front. See the pic of our tea cupoard at work. I reckon that’ll do us till Christmas. Hope that anyone that got one of my stickers puts em to good use. As you can see mine is in pride of place. I’ve even got one on the John Deere.


So, not much too write about really. I’ll let you know how next year’s job situation looks. Not the proper job, that’s all sorted. I mean motorbike racing. Irons are in the fire but perfect preparation prevents piss poor performance. I reckon that was Mick Doohan’s saying, and that man didn’t muck about.