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Now then folks, what’s happening out your way? Nowt too much here. Did you know that was the coldest start to a December since 1971? That fact was on Radio 2. We have it on at work all day. You can’t beat a bit of Jeremy Vine or Steve Wright in the afternoon. I even like a bit of Chris Evans in the evening. He came and set off the race at the lawnmower endurance I did last year. That chalks him one up in my book. 
Anyway, I’ve just thought of a question to win this Arai Corsair helmet – who is the bloke that plays Elvis on Steve Wright’s show? The bit he’s on is called Ask Elvis, the best bit of radio known to man. Fact.
I’ve been asked to give a mention to Sam Murden from out Derby way on, his mum is a legend and said it’d make the old boy’s day, so there you go Sam. Oh and for anybody who looks at the site, I’d like to wish you a good Christmas, and let you know ill be doing it all again next year.
I was out with Bill, Col and Jane from Red Torpedo in Leeds last week and we struck a deal for 09. So, fingers crossed my season goes a damn site better than this year and it re-pays them their loyality to me. So ta very much to everone at Red Torpedo for keeping me on the straight and narrow, that’s nearly a full time job in itself. Oh and for the mint curry at Aagrah, the other night. You can’t beat a good old chicken tikka bhuna and keema naan. Proper, but not too clever on the trumping gear in the morn.
 As soon as we’ve got next year’s T-shirts done I’ll let you know. We’re going to use the exact copy of the skull and spanners that’s on my lid, so the new T-shirts will look even better than this year’s design.
My mate Guy designed the logo. He’s named after the same Guy as me. You have to answer that as well to win the lid. So who is Elvis on Steve Wright and which Guy am I named after?   
Sorry about  the picture situation. We have a new server and it’s screwed it all up.