Harvest time and the Manx GP

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Now then folks, as usual, a bit slack on the blog front. I’m just sat in a tea shop in the Isle of Man while it’s pissing it down outside. I’m here for the first running of the Post-Classic Manx GP. As I said in the last entry I’ll be riding John Sims’ Suzuki XR69. She’s a proper job, I just hope the weather cheers up a bit to get some dry laps in.


First practice was on Saturday night but I didnt get over till this morn, been a bit busy on my normal truck job and I’ve been working lates on the farm giving em a hand with the harvest. Getting there I reckon, though. My mate Johhny, who lives with the other farmer’s daughter, does 4 on, 4 off at the Volvo truck yard so we’ve been swapping about to get sorted. All in all with the wheat, barley and rape there is about 3000 acres to get through, but the back is broken now. Make hay when the sun shines and all that eh? Check out Andy Graves’s fancy camera work – trick as owt eh? I’ve been listening to Radio 4 soilid for the past week in me tractor so for owt to do with rasberry production, current affairs, runners whose sex isnt tpo obvious and the price of a fish, I’m your man.