Guy’s NW200 report

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Blame it on me, the Northwest 200 crap weather was all my fault. I said to my mate and mechanic, Johnny a week or two ago ‘Bloody ell, it must have been 05 since we had a wet NW200 don’t you reckon?’


Well I was right, 05 was the last time we had rain at the NW, but Saturday didn’t let us down. It was truly shit all day. If it wasn’t blowing like hell it was slashing it down. Not one race ran the full distance and we missed out on a the main NW200 race and the 600 race because the weather couldn’t make its bloody mind up. Oh well, we got the bikes fairly well sorted and had a good laugh with the lads all week.


You ought to have seen the flat we where staying. By eck, it was proper, not a dodgy B&B, but a proper pimped up flat on the seafront of Portstewart . It was all thanks to good old Richard, a lad I met last year who pointed us in the right direction. Ta very much.


Oh well I’m off to bed, im at work in the morn. I’ll get some pics up soon. I reckon I’ve got some mint pics of Minis and Deloreans. What was the the specific MPH good old Doc Brown needed to go to go back in time?