Guy’s Gold Cup

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Morning folks, just sat at work waiting for a job to come in. I’ve got a bit of a sore head, but I’ve got a cup of the strongest polish coffee you can imagine on the go. I didn’t end up rolling in the tractor. Instead, like I said I do if I won, I was off in the pub. I’ll tell you, I’m not designed for drinking and I know about the bugger this morn. Oh well I’ve got a bit of steam cleaning on in minute, there is no better cure for a hangover.
Well, six Gold Cups on the trot is mint, for me but more importantly for James, Kate and Warren, we all needed a win or two, so a massive thanks for to ‘em and especially Shaun Muir for keeping everyone up through the lows.

But there is still the rest of 2008 to go at, two BSB rounds and Macau. Macau was looking good last year until I had a to do with a wall, so hopefully we’ll be on the case this year.
Finally, for now a big thanks to every who came to Scarborough, to Jon for the pit board, the random bloke who brought me a year’s supply of tea, the bloke who brought me the Harrods tea, to Shelby for driving the truck and to matey boy up stairs for the weather