Goodwood Press Day

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Now then, how’s it going? Sorry it’s been a bit since I put owt up. I’e been busy keeping out of mischief what with working, practicing, biking and doing the odd show and press launch I’ve not had a lot of spare time to go at. And we’ve got a new blog set-up so I had to lay off while that was all changed over.


Anyway, I went and did the Goodwood press launch last week. Now that’s what I call a press launch. Not just a cuppa and a few speeches, this was proper. Lord March even got dropped off on his front lawn in a Apache helicopter. Oh and more importanly they had some proper trick bikes and cars there, even an ex-works RS200 rally car, Hamilton’s Merc from last year (he’ll be borrowing that back by the looks of it), works Suzuki 500 V4, and my new bike. So with that, mountain biking and some tyre testing late last week it’s been all go.


Not long till brands and the first race in a few weeks now so I’ll keep you posted on the preparation.