Flanders, Thruxton and the NW200

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Morning campers, I said I was going to write something about Thruxton didn’t I? But firstly, thanks to Aiden here are some pics from the Tour of Flanders. Don’t worry, I haven’t sold out and worn Lycra yet, can’t see it myself. That’s event is pain for you though. A mega ride that was.


My dad is a bit more up with computers than me, and said he thought this was funny. My computer isn’t fast enough to play it, but I’m sure I offend someone.



Right, Thruxton, had a educational weekend. Good to get out on a motorbike again. You sometimes forget what the motorbiking thing is all about after a long winter, but you’re soon back into it after a few laps. I learnt that the bikes aren’t far off . They need fine tuning, but they are not a mile away, throttle on the right, clutch on the left. Still not got a go on the superbike yet, waiting for her to get screwed together, so as a bit of a last minute decision, we are now going to ride superstock and superbike at this weekend’s Oulton Park meeting, just to try and get some miles in before the fast approaching NW200. It’ll all come out in the wash I’m sure. Just can’t wait to get back racing on the roads again. As for the new calendar, I reckon it’s just about cock on, just a bit undecided about the Skerries or Goodwood, that will all depend on how the TT goes, and whether that means I get a summer holiday at the Megavalanch or not. It was borderline as to whether I deserved it last year, so I’m going to have to pull my finger out this year, aren’t I?


Oh nearly forgot, how could i forget? Last minute decision again on Sat afternoon after work to go to the REEF gig, at Manchester academy. I know, but what a mega gig. I mean mega. They where only doing five gigs, and this was the last one, so I dragged the farmer’s daughter and Adrian along, and what a night. I smelt of a pig farm after a long stint in the mosh pit, but a small price to pay for a mega gig. They are doing some festivals this summer if you get chance to see em, you’ll not be disappointed.