First report from Portrush

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Well, I got into Belfast port about two o’ clock Tuesday morning and thought me and my mate Ivan would be better off kipping in the van for an hour or two to get caught up on some much needed sleep before a very busy night’s practice.
The first night practice went without a hitch really. We weren’t out there to set the world alight, we just wanted to get a few laps in on all three bikes to get any teething problems out the way. That’s what we did, the 600 and proddie bike hadn’t turned a wheel before last night, so it was good to finish the evening in one peice and a have good direction to go for Thursday night’s practice.       
Anyway less of the bike stuff, sleeping in my van the other night made me realise what proper motorbike racing is all about. So instead of fancy hotel last night, I kipped on the beach in my van and went for a surf with a few of the lads from back home, proper. Getting back to a bit of road racing has made me remember what motor bike racing is all about – a bit of a laugh with a few mates.
PS I know this photo isn’t from Ireland, but Martin Heath sent me it from Brands.