Elvis and the Dambusters

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Guy Gibson

Well, I can’t knock you, Nigel Jewel, you’re the man. Well, as I couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery, i didn’t sort out a decent rig to work out who had won. So I’ve had to go off the first person to post a reply on the blog. So that’s good old Nigel.

You know, I didn’t even know who it was who played Elvis. One of the drivers at our place tried to convince me that Elvis was a pre recorded bit of Steve Wright’s impression. Well that’s pee’d on his bonfire hasn’t it?

So nige get me your address sent through a private message and I’ll get it sent off before Christmas.

I know what you mean though dirty Al, with my day of birth being more or less Mr Fawkes’ night, it was the obvious choice. But with my grandad’s both fighting in the war, one was in the Marines on D-day and the other,was fighting against him for the Germans. So my dad’s got a bit of a thing for World War Two, hence the name.

That Guy Gibson was a proper bloke though. Not a hero like these football or superbike stars, but a proper hero. Take a look at the Dambusters video, it’ll make your mind up. Oh, my Grandad that was fighting for the Germans wasn’t German, he was Latvian, made to fight for the Germans, but he and his mate escaped on a train axle in the middle of Russia and got captured by the Americans and brought to England. So I suppose I’m a bit of a Heinz 57 variety. Oh well I best go do some work, I’ve got some more stuff I’ll give away, only when ive thought of another challenging question though. Reckon I’ve got some boots…