Downhill fast

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Fort Bill, what can I say other than, hardcore? Probably the most demanding thing I’ve ever done. Racing a downhill pushbike, down 35,200ft in six hours left me more knackered than doing a six-lap TT.Mave, Grundy and Kate came along for the road trip and were my pit crew for the day. They did a mint job, kept me fed and watered and full of encouragement like “get your finger out ya gayer”. I didn’t even have time to take a piss, which meant  pissing while riding or trying to piss in my used water bottles going up in the chair lift. Which usually meant more piss in my shoes than in the bottle. Needs must and all that, eh? The results aren’t out yet, but I reckon I got in the top 15 out of 120, so it wasn’t bad for my first ever race. The next mountain bike race I’m trying to enter is the Scarborough night downhill race through the town on Oct 4