Cycling and stationary engines

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Evening all, just got in from a mint push bike ride. I reckon I’ve done a good 50 miles this week on my trusty old Whyte 46. There is nowt like a good old ride out get away from it all.
A massive thanks to you all for leaving me all your messages. It’s mint to see the amount of support I’ve got, ta very much. Oulton Park feels like it was six weeks ago. I’ve just tried to think about it as little as possible, not that I’ve had much chance to think about owt. I’ve been busy working ,then did a day teaching at the Ron Haslam Race School. I’ve also been busy with plenty of barrow jobs in between ridding my push bike. So no rest for the wicked.
I’m doing a dealer day at Cusworths, Doncaster this Sunday from 12 till 2, so if you fancy a yarn then get yourself round. I’m sure the lads there will have the brew on. Then I might have a quick trip to Winterton Steam Rally to eye up some stationary engines. I’m a bit of a Fred Dibnah throwback at heart. Did you know that thay auctioned offf some swarf off from under his lathe for £70 the other week? How cool is that?