Cwmcarn and new SMR workshops

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Cwmcarn in Wales was mine and my mate, Mave’s latest adventure. We went last Saturday after work and planned to kip in the van. We where nearing South Wales when when we realised that we were going to have to gay out and kip in a hotel as the temperature neared -5. Not van sleeping weather we reckoned. sS we had to shell out £50 for a hotel. It was all right though, this meant we had a few shandies and a bit of nose bag to prime us up for the downhill action on Sunday. We had a mint day’s riding. I lost count of how many times Mave came off. Ihad a couple of big uns, but we came back with all limbs attached so couldn;t complain too much. I’m just on with getting over to ireland for a D/H race this Sunday (today – this post has gone up a bit late), so trying to get done at work, fingers crossed.
Last Monday my mate Andy, Buckle (one of my mechanics for this year) and I went up to have a look at the new SMR Hydrex bike workshops.
I don’t know whether it’s me getting older or what, but not a lot gets me excited any more but to say I was impressed by this place is an understatment. You’ve seen nowt like it. It’s not 100% finished but when it is, the bikes will be built in a F1 spec workshop with engine room, dyno room, suspension room, specially built work benches and an air-conditioned tea room. Oh, and the main thing, a 40ft truck pit. Well impressed is all I can say.
My mechanics for this year are on with an interview for the site. It’s nicked straight from the famous Dirt mountain bike magazine, so hopefully they’ll have got em back to me soon and I’ll get em stuck up.