Corn carting, slug pelleting and new opportunities

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Sorry I’ve put bugger all up since Croft. I’ve been down the truck yard in the mornings, then working on the farm till late. We’ve been as busy as ever on the trucks, then I’ve been doing a bit of corn carting, rolling and slug pelettting on the farm. Oh well, it’s keeping me out of mischief.
Well, it’s Friday and I’m just on my dinner hour writing this and getting my van cleaned out. I’ve sold her. It’ll be sad to see her go but she’s served me well. So I’ll be in our works trusty Transit for the foreseeable future. I’m not sure what to get next. Maybe a Transit Sport, or another VW Sportline Transprter. What do you reckon?
I’m getting psyched-up for Scarborough this weekend. Hopefully try and get six Gold Cups on the trot. You can never count your chickens in this job though, but if it all goes according to plan I’ll be on the p*ss on Sunday night. If not, I’ll be doing a bit of rolling on the farm.
Oh, just a quick one, I’ve got a new employer for next year, bike riding that is, I’ll let you know next week, cheers.