Me and my gob

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  I said I’d write a bit more when I get five mins,  well five minutes is what I’ve got – a bit more really, I’m back at my real job for a week or two. Had a bit of an accident on the filming job the other day, smashed me jaw up a good bit ended up with teeth …

Nearly mended now

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  Morning folk, as always i’ve been a bit slack on the blog front but i suppose i’ve got a bit of an excuse this time, running out of electric in Kirmington is a common thing but not for this long, sorry.

More Amazons and other stuff

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  Allreet folks, still no word on me getting an entry for the World Supersport in Portugal, which is a bugger, because I was looking forward to that. Oh well, thanks to George I’ve not been short of riding, because I’ve been doing regular classic trials on his old Tiger Cub. I even managed a win a couple of weeks …

The Squirrel and The Grasshopper

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  My mate Ed sent me this story…   The Squirrel and The Grasshopper   REST OF THE WORLD VERSION The squirrel works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building and improving his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks he’s a fool, and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.   Come …

Donnie Brasco

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  “Forget about it,” said in an Italian-American accent, sounds like that famous line from the film Donnie Brasco. I’m not one for shedding tears at films, but if I was to, the end of that film would be the one.  


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  Now then folks, happy new year to you all. Thanks a million for keeping an eye on the site. I know I’m a bit slack on putting stuff up, but I go with the less is more motto, don’t you reckon? Anyway, good bit of weather, eh? I love a bit of snow, good job I live near a …

Red Torpedo at the NEC

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  Red Torpedo have a big stand at the NEC Bike show, up in the race truck area. They’ve got a load of mint new designs and existing classics, that aren’t even on the website yet (and we haven’t got pictures of the for blog). Once you’ve checked out the new gear go and see the Wall of Death in …

Bit of news

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  Bit of news on the riding front. I’ve agreed to ride for the Wilson Craig team. I haven’t signed, because I haven’t signed a contract for three years – it’s all been handshakes, but I’ll be on Hondas again next year. I raced for Wilson Craig back in my first proper year of road racing when I was with …

Pre-65 Trials

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  Now then, cant beat a bit of British weather. I’m not designed for that Australian stuff. The flat cap will be out soon.   Pre-65 classic trials, now we’re talking. You can have your TTs, Megavalanch, cheese rolling or whatever, this is where it’s at. Good old George lent me his Triumph Tiger Cub to do the Poachers Classic …

For Sale: One family member

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  Well it’s nearly all over for the bike racing for another year. It was The Classic Race of the Year last weekend at Cadwell. I’ve got a few short circuit races in Australia end of the month and that’s me. I had a good do at the race of the year. I didn’t win owt but I enjoyed it, …

Land Speed Legend

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  This looks like a good do that my mates Gary and Boastie are involved with. Chris Carr has just broken the land speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats at 367mph. And he’s doing a one-off talk in Peterborough. Me and my dad are trying to get down there on Thursday night. See you there?   Details at

Hot rods and Hobnobs

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  Check out this pic of what turned up at work this morning. Now that’s proper, isn’t it? It’s 520bhp and does at standing quater at 155mph. More tea, vicar?   Ta very much for all the support at Scarborough. It was a mega turn-out and I did royally on the tea bags and biscuit front. See the pic of …

Tightrope walking and stickers

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  Not much to mention, but harvest is getting there and the truck job is same as usual, all go, no go. The Manx GP was an education. The organisation was spot on, it was let down a bit by the shit weather. Yon man upstairs hasn’t been playing the white man, that’s a local saying but you get the …