Cadwell and cornfields

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Photos: Martin Heath

Afternoon. Sorry this blog is a bit late, but we’ve been busy getting through some harvest and mending lorries. It’s been all go, getting some truck work done first thing, then off down the farm to do some corn leeding, trying to get caught up. We’re getting there though. We got 140 acres done yesterday, so we are starting to make a hole in it.

Cadwell was only the other day, but now seems a life time ago. I’m pleased to say the bike never missed a beat all weekend. I reckon that is the first weekend she’s done without missing a problem, so a big thanks to James, Kate and Warren for keeping on top of her. It wasn’t a mega weekend for my teammate, James though. He’s been out on his enduro bike last week and tweaked his wrist. He gave riding a go in qualifying, but it wasn’t meant to be. He was in too much pain to stretch the cable so he parked her up. This wasn’t all bad though. It gave me a chance to have a go on his bike in Monday morn warm-up.The lads thought I’d go beter on something with this fancy wheelie control and traction control. My bike just has an on and off botton, throttle ,brake and clutch. so to get on something which resembled a PlayStation was a bit of a shock. I’m sure it all looks fast but I personaly think it wasn’t as ride-friendly as mine.

So for the race I stuck with mine seeing as it was working well. A 15th and a 11th doesn’t sound great but I was just happy to finish both races without breaking down. So to score points in both races was a bonus. We now have got a bit of a base seting that still needs fine tuning, but it’s not a million miles away. I can go on to Croft with a bit of hope that i can get stuck in, start thinking about my riding and not worrying about breaking down