Brands thoughts from Guy

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Now then, how’s it all going? Not much to comment from Brands really, except we’ve still got a bit of work to do on the 600 front. It’s better than last year’s bike, but it just needs fine tuning, chassis and engine-wise. So we can get a bit more track time with her, I’ll be at at Oulton in a couple of weeks and that will be the last time on track before the NW200. I’m riding my CBR1000 superbike at Scarborough this Sunday to give the bike her last run out before the NW. You wouldn’t reckon so though, it’s still in a million pieces in the workshop. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?


Ta very much for the speed of light advice, every day’s a school day and all that. There is a big auction out our way at the end of the month. An old boy has pegged it and they are selling off all of his stuff, tractors, Morris Minors, classic cameras, lawnmowers and most importantly stationary engines. I’ve got my eye on an Anmanco open crank hit and miss engine. Am I sad?