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Well, I’ve just been out on my bike after work and now I’m finished at the truckyard and ready to head off down to Brands Hatch for a five day stint. I can’t wait to get a rip out down there on my CBR600. It’ll be mint, but five days around a 48second track might send me a bit dizzy.


Anyway, more importantly, Ed, one of the lads I go mountain biking with, was just wondering if a Space Shuttle was doing the speed of light and it put it head lights on, would they show up? I’m not convinced. I’m sure one of you out there will know the Bobby (Bobby Moore, score). I’m not cockney or owt, just off darn sawth. When in Rome and all that. 


Oh and check out this new Aston Martin. I need to do a few more hours over time I reckon?