Bit of news

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Bit of news on the riding front. I’ve agreed to ride for the Wilson Craig team. I haven’t signed, because I haven’t signed a contract for three years – it’s all been handshakes, but I’ll be on Hondas again next year. I raced for Wilson Craig back in my first proper year of road racing when I was with Uel Duncan. Cam Donald and Keith Amor have also raced for Wilson Craig. 


I’ll have the same mechanics I was so happy with this year, and Shaun the Sheep will be working with us too. The key to the whole deal is that Chris Mehew will be tuning the engines and the 600 will be the same spec as Eugene Laverty used to win World Supersport races this year. 


I meant to post this a few days ago, but we’ve been so busy at work. I reckon we could do with a receptionist.