Back from Macau

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Well, I’ve just got home after a not to successful Macau GP. You could nearly say it was non-event as far as results go, but I’m still here, still walking and still breathing so it could all be worse. I reckon I could nearly say this was the final nail in the 2008 road racing coffin. There isn’t a lot I can salvage from this season, other than a win or two at the Southern 100 and the Scarborough Gold Cup. Oh, and maybe the glitz of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
I’ll not bore you as there was plenty of mad stuff going off in Macau to keep me entertained, along the lines of dodgy back street massages in Hong Kong or maybe that was something to do with me having a bang to the head? I was out for a good half-hour and came around when they were feeding me into the MRI scanner machine. Not a good thought to take me into the winter.
I’m back to work now putting the finishing touches to my new push bike in my tea breaks. She’s a Cotic Soul hardtail and I’ve pimped her up to death with every last little trick bit. I’ll get some pics up soon.
I best get cracking.
Oh I’ve got one of my Arai helmets up for grabs. I’ll get a question sorted by the end of the week.