Armoy Update & Stickers

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Got back from Armoy the other day. Now that’s what I call I man’s track. Proper. I’m back to work for a couple of days then off to the Ulster GP.


You know I’m into my mountain biking big time and some people like to describe sports like that, BMX, snowboarding, surfing, motocross, and the like as extreme. Well to me I reckon that’s a load of balls. Extreme to me is something that’s as hardcore as it gets, something where if it all goes a bit pear-shaped, nine times out of ten you end up pushing up daisies. So to me Armoy was as extreme as it gets, a proper extreme sport. It’s just confirmed to me that it is what floats my boat.


Right, I’ll get some work done then catch a ferry.


Oh, I’ve have a good few people ask about my skull and spanner stickers. I’ll get a word with my mate paddy who did em for my helmets last year. He knows his onions. I’ll get it put on here when I know where you can get em from. And I’ll give someone a sticker who can tell me where that saying came from: knowing your onions. I obviously don’t know mine.