And the winner is…

Web MonkeyGear

My sentence for Gordon… “Has anyone ever told you that if they stuck a handle on your head you’d look just like a Toby jug?”

After long deliberations there only had to be one winner. Adam you know your onions boy, short and sweet and it reminded me of my old primary school teacher Mr Acum. That bloke was crackers. We didn’t used to get a lot of proper school work done, the old boy was more into teaching us how to build bonfires, cut the grass on his prized putting green and make Toby jugs. So if you can get your address to me by sending me a message I’ll get the gloves away.
I’ll have a dig about and see what else I’ve got that any body might find useful. I’ve got some slightly scorched Red Torpedo kecks after last Friday nights p*** up after work. Chris, our transport manager, was the ring leader and it wasn’t pretty. He reckons your not properly drunk until you’ve messed yourself. Well I didn’t but it was near. Maybe I’ll find a spare set of boots or something. I’ll let you know next week. Cheers.