Almost the end of February – time for an update!

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Keep it short and sweet, what to mention since last time…..A few of you hurt Chip Butty’s feelings on the last blog.  My mum always said if you haven’t got owt nice to say about anyone, don’t say it at all. But, every cloud’s got a silver lining, he’s up for weight watcher of the month for March, there’ll soon be more meet on a butchers shoe. We’ll soon have to change his name to Moroccan Roast Vegetable Cuscous with Chick Peas.


I’ve been getting a bit of an ear bending for not being able to get to a couple of do’s over the last few weeks. But, we’ve had work coming out of every orrifice, and I always say i’ll turn up work allowing, and work hasn’t allowed. Check out the trucks though. Those who know, know. Do you know?


I’m not gay or owt but i’m waiting for the hair to grow back on my leg before I unveil the latest tattoo, I can feel a competition coming on for who can guess what it is?


Give me another week or two and i’ll have some pictures of the Martek in it’s latest carnation. The old girl’s still in a million pieces, but I can see the potential.


Is anyone listening to the latest series of Count Arthur Strong? There’s a lot to learn off that man.