A brand new TV show for Guy in 2014

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Working Title ‘Speed’ for Channel 4 – Broadcast in 2014.
A North One Television production.


Guy Martin claims that nothing can match the adrenaline rush he gets when racing on public roads around the Isle of Man TT course at 200mph. So now he’s setting out to see if he can find anything that can give him the same kicks.


This four part series follows Guy as he sets out to create four speed-based challenges in which he will explore the boundaries of physics and learn about the science of speed. Whether it’s slip-streaming a racing driver to ride a bicycle at over 100mph using pedal power, or seeing if he can ride a motorbike across a lake, Guy will seek to find out what makes things go fast by getting his hands dirty in a range of unique engineering projects.


In the opening episode Guy recruits an unlikely team made up of a truck racer, an Olympic gold medalist Laura Trott, a bicycle builder and a design engineer more used to working on next-generation military aircraft, to attempt, with the aid of slipstreaming, to break the British record for outright speed on a bicycle – an incredible 110mph.


In the second film Guy is on a mission to do the seemingly impossible – fly using muscle power alone. He wants to build the world’s fastest human powered aircraft – a plane without an engine that Guy will cycle into the air.


He then attempts to set the world record for riding a motorcycle on the surface of water. With the help of a Cambridge professor and a team of marine engineers, Guy’s stunt hinges on Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion – where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If he can maintain enough speed on his bike, the 250-year-old theory says he should be able to achieve the seemingly impossible – ride on water.


In the final daredevil quest, Guy sets out to break the record for the world’s fastest gravity powered sled. With the help of the UK’s top sports science engineers, athletes and experts in composite engineering Guy will first build, then try to ride the toboggan on the unforgiving slopes of the Swiss Alps and reclaim the record from a group of thrill-seeking Germans who set it three years ago.


More information to follow nearer the time of broadcast.