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Right, i reckon this must be the first time I’ve switched a computer on in the thick end of 3 months. How many days is the thick end of 3 months? Not quite as long as a month of Sundays. That’s 109 days according to the legend that is Nigel Kenny.


Right where to start after the last German Red Torpedo excursion? Bloody hell I’ve been busy I must have met myself coming back half a dozen times but I’m not complaining. Happy New Year to you all, not a lot happened with me New Year or Christmas, I was busy doing the last bits of training for the Strathpuffer 24hr last weekend. So thanks to Alan, Francis and Dobby for the great team effort, for managing to get Forbes and I on the podium in the pairs. Reckon that’s got to be the toughest race to date so now looking for another challenge. But it’s about that time of year to start thinking about motorbikes. I’m still planning on getting a look at Daytona but its running a bit tight on time at the minute as if I’m not working on the trucks I’m away filming this new series. And in between all of that trying to send some time with the future wife to be. She doesn’t take too kindly to me running about like a blue arsed fly. But before Christmas I played the white man and we both managed to get away for a week in Cuba. What a place. We didn’t do any of the usual tourist bollocks, we hired a car and just drove. And drove and drove and drove. And got lost plenty. We ended up in what we thought was Guantanamo bay so suppose we’re doing well to be here now. But we both came back a bit wiser on the whole idea of communism, and the balls that Castro and Che Guevara had.


Just got back from a day at Manchester show. Sorry for the Martec not being there, all I wanted to do was machine some fins off the rocket box but the next thing I knew the thing was in a million pieces and there’s bits all over the shop. Ta to the boys at Hope for a bit of help with some personalised machining.


Did anyone get to the Sideburn do? Steph and I did, she even got tarted up for it. Probably the coolest do I’ve ever been to. You can have your TT riders, or even cage fighters but they’re only playing at it compared to roller birds. I wouldn’t mess with then, but what a cool hobby.


The truck jobs never stopped, I think I’m going to put a bed in the workshop. Apart from that we’ve been flat out with the filming job. The new series is coming on a treat and I’ve been doing some proper interesting stuff. Not many people get to go abseiling with burning tackle at the bottom of a pier. Me and Steph managed to do a bit of hardcore husband and wife mining at midnight last week 450 feet down. It’ll all make sense in a couple of months. I still don’t think its proper work, and I couldn’t even bring myself to admit it when we were filming last year, but I am actually quite enjoying it. I mean, I’d still rather cut me own nackers off than call myself a TV presenter, and I’m not, but I am having a good laugh. I might not be saying that when it comes out and I start getting a load of hassle but it makes a nice change from spannering at the minute. Oh, and its been written somewhere that I’ve bought a Merlin? I have got one coming but I haven’t got it yet. Don’t ever let the truth get in the way of a good story eh?