A fair bit to mention…

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A fair bit to mention since the last blog I reckon. The southern 100 race was where it all started, as always, the best meeting of the year, the weather was kind to us. I managed to get a win, but only the one, really enjoyed it though but it was a bit of a rushing match from then on. Get on the ferry, then straight to the airport to go to Austria for the Saltzkamergut trophy. Me and gunster went over for it, he was there for a bit of moral support and he’s well trained at being a top drinking partner. So, two years worth of training paid off and I finished the race, which was the goal, and was the only Brit to finish, so we had a well deserved fag and pint after, back home Sunday morn, back to work for the week then went down hill racing in Scotland.


I was riding the trickest down-hill bike in the world which orange bikes have given me. I’ll get some pics up of her, she is a 322 proto type, the trickest bike known to man. Thanks a million to Michael and the lads at orange bikes for sorting us out, and for the lads at hope for putting me in their team. It was a mega weekend, except for a good few crashes which the last one knocked me out four hours into the race … bugger. Oh well, a few beers soon softend the blow, good laugh though, I’ve still got a lot to learn.


I must have been suffering as I had a day off work on the Monday – not good, especially as I was racing at Armoy road race in ireland that next weekend. I was far from fit and l let myself down and probably let the lads in the team down more, so sorry about that.


Oh, I never mentioned, while at Armoy I met the real Guy Martin, the prize winning sheep, unbeaten this year, what a boy, can sheep be hung like a donkey? This lad was. Right from there it was a back to work for the week then to the Ulster Grand Prix. As always, a top top meeting, but as usual the weather wasn’t the cleverest. Managed to win the last super bike race though. I was a happy camper, ta for all the support – much appreciated. I still get a bit shy of all the attention, ta though.


Oh ta to Mat for putting us up for a few days at the Ulster. He reminded me what a top film Back to the Future is. I don’t reckon we’ll be on hover boards in 2015 though do you? How clever is it though, does any one know of any interesting facts worth knowing about the 3 films? I reckon a Delorean would be a tool and a  half dont you?