France and Goodwood, not Skerries..

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Morning all.


Well, after the TT all I wanted to do was get back to a bit of normality. So that was it, straight back to work Monday morn, did the usual butty run for the morning’s tea break and that was it,  normality by dinner. So what to do at the forthcoming weekend? I thought I’d be racing the classic Suzuki at Donington, but the owner decided no to go. Well i thought ill be working till Saturday dinner so I’ll not be able to go to far. Or so I thought. While looking on the Dirt magazine website I saw it was round 5 of the UCI World Downhill Mountain Bike Cup in Slovenia. How far is Slovenia? Quick look at the map… It’s only 1100 miles. I can do that on Sat night, watch the race Sunday and drive back Sunday night, catch the ferry back and be back to work Monday. Sorted.


I got my mate Andy to come along for the ride. He used to be in the army in Bosnia so he knows his onions. We got into France by 8 Saturday night and that’s where the hard work started. It got to 11 Saturday night and there was still 760 miles to do. This might take a bit longer than expected. So that was it, find a decent place to abandom mission and get pissed. We ended up in Notre Dame in some dodgy bar then got a lift with the locals to a night club in the Notre Dame castle. That was us till three Sunday morn. We kipped in the back of my works Tranny, had a look about Sunday morn, drank French coffee to try a cure thick head, ate some french food, not sure what it was, then drove back. Sn enteraining sunday and now I’m looking forward to me next race. I reckon it’ll be the Southern 100. I didn’t realise the Skerries is the same weekend as Goodwood so got to do Goodwood instead, orders from the boss.