7th October update…

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Now then, winter is getting here, eh? I was out on my pushbike last night and got soaked, so its offical. They’ll soon be advertising Christmas stuff.


Interesting weekend just gone. I worked early early Saturday morning then went to Manchester airport to catch a flight to Belfast, for a Red Torpedo Hein Gericke day. I did a bit of planning with the lads I ride mountain bikes with in Ireland about where to do a road trip next year. It’s either the Megavalanch or the Passport de Soleil. It depends which dates the motorbike racing drop. Has any one done the Passport before? Is it better than the Mega?


Sunday was either going to be a pushbike race or motorbike race. I ended up racing a Honda Hornet with my brother at Cadwell. Nowt too serious, a few burgers, cups of tea and a good crack. Ta very much to Tom Bracken for lending me a bike, much appreciated.


Oh, I never said ta very much to Glyn Moffit at GMV Signs and Graphics and Roger Smales at CBF Screen Prints for doing me some stickers, so ta very much. You can see there going to good use. That’s one on the John Deere. She looks a treat, eh? What about the kart? Reckon I’ll put one on me Saab. It’ll go with the leopard skin a treat.


I’m doing the Classic Race of the Year this sunday at Cadwell on an XR69 suzuki. Nearly end of the year so I’m having to fill me boots. Bob’s your uncle.