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Now then folks, happy new year to you all. Thanks a million for keeping an eye on the site. I know I’m a bit slack on putting stuff up, but I go with the less is more motto, don’t you reckon? Anyway, good bit of weather, eh? I love a bit of snow, good job I live near a load of tractors. Could have a done with one tonight thinking of it. I was driving back from biking when I got the old Transit stuck. I thought it was going to end in tears when some lads in a Discovery gave me a shove out, so ta very much. Leaving yee old faithful on the side of a ditch would have broken my heart. Just wait till they get a bit of snow down in London, oh, more tea vicar?


Right, I’ve got a fair idea of what races I’m doing this year, a fair bit more motorbike racing than last year with stuff like a World Supersport race, more Irish road racing and a big push as usual at the three international road races, all that coupled with a sprinkling of random stuff, along the lines of Megavalanch again, a whopping 200km cross country mountain bike race in Austria, hopefully the 12-hour mower race and a bit of tightrope walking. As soon as i get a plan sorted ill get it stuck up.