Wedding bells and stolen bikes

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June 18th, 2009


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Is that light on the western front? Not sure, but my sister Kate and her fella Paddy are getting married. How cool is that? She’s my little sister and any bloke that has any interest in her usually gets my deathly silence or a back-hander. But to my relief Paddy is the man. He’s a world champion in sidecar racing, proper sound lad and managed to put up with my sister for a good while now so I wish ’em all the best.


I reckon Guy and marriage won’t be coming any where soon, not as long as I’ve got a hole in my arse.  Reckon my Dad once said if i got married that’d be another man gone to waste, what do you reckon?


Oh, and no Megavalanch for me at the mo’. The farm was broken into the other day, all my bikes nicked, so thats my bonfire pissed on. Gone missing is a Scott Ransom 10, and an Orange 224 GBR, with all the trick Hope sponsored green stuff on, stuff you can’t buy. Any joy let me know please.

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  1. Chris B says:

    little fecker!!!!!!!!!
    hope they rot in hell!!!!!

  2. Craig says:

    All the best to your sister.
    you don’t seem to have much luck with your bikes just hope you get the same result as last time???? will keep an eye out for you down the south east! if its any help you could use my bike its a Giant Reigh 2, just a thought!

  3. Suzzie P says:

    Bet you’re gutted about the bikes, hope you track them down (bikes and the little s***’s who broke in). Keep an eye out on EBay perhaps?

    Congratulations to your sis, but a female perspective on the ‘another man gone to waste’ comment. Not all of us want to be somebodys wife/other half/missus either! Those words conjure up terrible images of 2.4 kids and having the tea on the table at 5pm every night. AAARGH!!!!

  4. Nick @ NMD says:

    how do you get away with that…

    “I reckon Guy and marriage won’t be coming any where soon, not as long as I’ve got a hole in my arse.”

    Does farmers daughter not go mental!

  5. Jess says:

    Bloody hell Guy! every ones after nickin your bikes at the minute, congratulations to kate though! hope to see you soon dear, not much going on up here, ta-ra for now old boy xxx

  6. Ollie says:

    I now how you feel, got my garage broken into last thursday! they nicked my expensive pushbikes and all my spanners! little scrotes!

  7. Claire C says:

    Bad luck on the bikes front, hope the b******s get caught, you must be getting sick of it.

    My husband and I were at the TT and were rooting for you all the way, great racing and I managed to get some good photos of the bikes in different places. We thought some bright spark might be selling ‘Guy Martin sideburns’ to the fans for a profit! I know you want number 1 spot on the podium but it was great racing so you should be pleased anyway.

    As for the marriage thing, you just need a lass that’s into bikes and stuff, has her own thing going on and doesn’t mind you doing yours. You’ll know when she’s come along. My husband decided I was the gal for him when he saw me stripping down my own brake calipers on my motorbike! :o)

  8. james bryan says:

    Keep checking ebay … lil twats need a slappin

  9. imort says:

    Birch the B******S

  10. Susie - Isle of Man says:

    I don’t want to get married but we do have a shared love of tea & how it’s made :-). People thought I was making it up when I said i could tell if the milk went in last but now you’ve confirmed it. You can’t just start stirring it round either. It’s got to start the mashing process first!
    Bad luck about the bikes. There are scrotes wherever you live – even the IoM I’m afraid :-( Hope they turn up though.
    Hope 2010 sees you up on the podium here on the Island.

  11. chris jackson says:

    Be keepin me eye out in yorkshire for you Guy…… Twats…… Best wishes to yer sis…..Go Big Lad see you at gold cup…..

  12. Archie says:

    Nothing pains you more than a scrote that nicks yer stuff and hasn’t got the slightest idea of what it’s personally worth. After having several race bikes knicked(mtb, road and cyclo-cross)i swore i’d never spend a lot on bikes again…hmmm that never actually worked. what i would suggest mate is if they are out there and get caught locally ..i’m picturing ..gaffer tape…skateboard…Honda CBR…maybe some rope and a really fast tow round your scariest route…oh, after you have a few choice words!
    your thoughts

    Congrats to KATE + PADDY and errm..chin up..kettles on!

  13. neil martin says:

    now then, sorry to hear about your bikes getting nicked, you need to find the little t***ers and have ten mins with them and a an oxy/acetylene torch. i dont like leaving my garage door open when i’m in there working on my blade.

    good luck to your sister, mines getting married too, and i know what u mean about finding the right person. my ex said i was spending too much time with bikes and it was either her or bikes , and if she knew me she would never have said that, so i hot stepped it back to my old ladys and finished the mablethorpe sandracing season.

    as said before, keep an eye out on ebay and maybe put a few posts on some mtb forums, they’ll pop up sooner or later.

  14. Carole says:

    Really sorry to hear about your bikes – what is the matter with these people? Hope they get what they deserve – which is not printable here, and you get the bikes back.
    Good idea to keep looking on ebay.

    Good news about Kate – really pleased for her.
    (Tom [hubby] is guttted, but he said he’ll get over it!!)
    Please wish her all the best from us. Thanks.

  15. tenqate says:

    take the gas axe to the scum.good luck to your sister and her man,as for yourself the farmers daughter will decide one day and that will be it- just like the rest of us.

  16. Shelly says:

    all the girls are gutted now!



  19. nick says:

    Jesus if you didn’t get bad luck you’d have none at all but they say things come in threes so guess thats your lot now.
    Bring back corporal punishment for these sorts as they deserve no less, little w***ers!
    Congrats to your sis hope all goes well for her but as far as blokes and marriage go its only a ring and a piece of paper isn’t it!! (don’t tell the missus though)

  20. Christiaan says:

    Really sorry to hear that your bikes are nicked, AGAIN!!!
    I agree with you that hanging should come back, that’s the only right punishment for those f******!

    Best wishes to Kate and Paddy, hope they have a great time!

    About a man’s marriage: everything changes after getting married, my dad gave me the same advise! Or if you do get married, make sure you give her a agreement to sign with your rights on it: let her make a cuppa in the morn and eve for ya!

  21. Jan says:

    Sh1t, sorry to hear about the bikes mate, hope they get caught. Maybe we know too much about you …. they knew where to go, that’s the trouble with lots of info about people all over t’internet, makes it easier for the crooks, unfortunately.

    Best of luck to Kate and Paddy and make sure you keep tight hold of that hole in yer arse:-).

  22. kev 46 says:

    Get the coppers to check that one armed scouser that tried nicking your bike from oulton park. bet it was him!
    Congrats to Kate & Paddy.

  23. Kaz says:

    You poor sod having your bike nicked! I hope the little gits get something of theres nicked!

    As for the marriage thing I have been with my fella for 5 years and he gets so stressed with my motorbike obsession! I go and race round the Nurbugring every year and foe birthdays and xmas Just want bike stuff!!! He tried to buy me a handbag once but I was hoping for a lid so I had to steer the poor sod in the right direction! I watch my brother race and he has the same sort of feelings as you but I will say to you what I say to him- sometimes you meet people in the strangest places, they may not be perfect but if they were how boring would that be! If it is meant to happen it will. Good luck!

  24. Garry Whiting says:

    all right lad, first things first- bummer about the wheels. Give our best wishes to Kate and the man. Worry not about wedding yerself, me and Abs have been together for over 9 years now and engaged for half of that. Neither of us are in any hurry which is just as well since she keeps buying bikes. Head down ready for the Southern for you I guess whilst us 2 are back to Haslam for our 3rd year running. Won’t be the same not following you round though! That was proper fun.

  25. Justin says:

    Now then, nevermind megavalanch….. are you the same Guy Martin thats entered in the IOM End 2 End? if so how do you plan on takin part with no wheels?

    Chin up lad, see you at the Southern


  26. kev weightman says:

    Best wishes to Kate and her fella.Sorry to hear about the bikes though Guy,trouble is if the scum get caught all they get is a slap on the wrist when it should be a bloody good kicking.

  27. Keith says:

    Hi Guy, been trying to get my little son to drink tea instead of fizzy pop for years, now he’s finally on the tea but it has to be an emulsion!! Thanks for your help, Guy.

    P.S. see you at the End2End I hope.

  28. maxine says:

    Hiya , my name is maxine, i am not right up with all this bloggin!!! ha!!. Anyhoo just wanted to catch ya up with an idea i had.
    I am a nurse and work for a local children and adolescent service. i know you must be wondering whare this is leading, so il get on wi it, every year we hold a caberet night for staff to raise monies for the unit where i work. I wondered if you could donate anything for this great cause and we could auction it off on the night. you are more than welcome to come for the evenings events as is is usually a right laugh and for you we could sort out plenty of your fav beverage, Ha!!!. We would really appreciate anything, hope this is ok to ask.
    I usually go to the tt,however have recently just been going for manx, this year im taking my 5TA ( with a rather large tool kit Ha!!), Glad to see your racin and hope to catch ya then.

  29. Fi portstewart says:

    Soz bout the bikes….hope they turn up soon. Your luck can only get better! Any truth in your appearance at Armoy Road Races saturday week? Mate said he saw it on their website. Keep er lit!

  30. Babs says:

    Guy you don’t seem to be having much luck these days with your stuff getting nicked! Gutted you’re off marriage, was holding out but guess I’d better actually marry my fiance if you’re not for it, lol 😉 Heading across to the Ulster GP, looking forward to it already!! xx

  31. Berenice says:

    Thieving little bast*rds – what goes around comes around! Congrats. to your little sis and I wouldn’t worry about the other 😉

  32. mark perry says:

    You can’t beat a sidecar lad, they all stick together but still get dropped on by the organisations in charge. Congatres to your sister. Does this mean you will be an UNCLE soon.
    Best of luck on the bikes.

  33. vicky says:

    When are you getting married guy xx

  34. Carolyne says:

    Will you marry me? Please your gorgeous :-)

  35. kd says:

    Tighten that hole a bit lad or should i say ladette.

  36. Katie says:

    Then you have not yet met the right lass!…..;) x

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