Turbo bikes are go!

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July 20th, 2010

Martek turbo

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What to mention then?


They always say bad winter good summer don’t they? Well they aren’t wrong are they? There is no winning with the English, though and I’m realising I’m not designed for the heat.


I reckon it must be over a month since I wrote something, sorry. After a bit of an accident at this years TT, it meant a week of not a lot besides film watching, turbo training on a pushbike, and making a plan of attack of stuff to do.


Ta very much to Katey for getting me this League of Gentlemen film, a quality piecethat I would put up there with Jackie Brown, Dumb and dumber and maybe even Pulp Fiction.


After a week off work and not being able to race for a few days, it got me thinking of another way to get a buzz. What do you reckon to this Martek turbo I got hold of the other week? If you want scaring this is the tool. It’s based on a 91 GSX-R1100, fitted with fuel injection, Martek frame and swing arm, suspension and brakes money can’t buy, and a turbo. It makes 320bhp and does wheelies off the throttle in top gear. She is proper, just on with getting her painted so I’ll get some better pics up when she’s 100% finished.  Oh, and my mate Yim has got me a nitrous system to put on her, so my goal now is 500 bhp. I’l keep you informed. It’ll end it tears I’m sure.


I wasn’t allowed to race at my favorite meeting of the year, the Southern 100 in the Isle of Man, but thanks to George I still got across for a look. I met up with a load of the Southern Free Riders and had a shandy or two while watching from Stadium Corner. They’re a sound set of lads, but I reckon they’ve got a load of work to do with me on the drinking front. I’m not designed for that either.
I know there isn;t a lot to mention on the racing front.Getting someone to pass me fit has been a bit of a job. While over in the Isle of Man I went to see Isla Scott, the island’s top physiotherapist. She had a good look over the job and after a bit of a wrestling match, she recons I’m now fit enough to get back on a motor bike. Phew, I’m sure racing will be a bit safer than trying to get 500bhp out of my new bike anyway. It’s looking like Brands Hatch BSB will be my next run out, just before the Ulster GP. Job will be right.


Thanks for all the support I got after the crash. It meant a lot to me.


48 Responses to “Turbo bikes are go!”

  1. wingnut says:

    Senior entry for next years TT?!LOON!

  2. Alan says:

    Hi Guy you have made me happy Today as i have a GSXR with a martek Frame, Ohlins forks and rear shock and has got a nitrous system on her,and much a lot more let me know if you want pics all the best top guy

  3. Timbo says:

    bloody hell mate that will be insane when you tickle her up!!!!Take it steady boss.

  4. maggo says:

    Good to hear from you Boss.I got to Skerries and Kells and to be honest you didnt miss much.Sadly both ended in tears and Kells washed out as well.Pity you couldnt get out at Ollies
    in between,Farkie needs some proper opposition.Glad to hear
    your fit enough to ride in a couple weeks I dont do BSB but should make the Ulster.That Martec turbo is going to be plain silly dont go getting arrested again when its finished.Got done twice on the way to Holyhead Friday,speeding and number plate.Thanks boys.Best wishes with the recovery and Good Luck at Dundrod.

  5. Peter says:

    Great to hear you will be back racing again soon – the Martek looks awsome and I am not sure what 320+ HP will be like to ride.
    Now 320+ in a Scania/Daf/ERF would be normal – better still the new R720!!

    Keep getting better

  6. Conor says:

    Good 2 see that you are back to ye ole self (500bhp bike). Kells wash a white wash so well all be looking forward 2 the UGP hopefully you can borrow a superbike from sum1 mad enough 2 give ye one. GO BIG 500bhp Big

  7. Jo Ralston says:

    Glad to hear you are nearly mended enough to ride again. It must have been weird watching the Southern instead of riding in it! Hopefully you will be back here again to take the crown back off Ryan again!

  8. Jordan says:

    Thanks for the update, Guy. Glad to hear your recovery has gone well and you’ve a plan for moving on. Best of luck! Congrats on the new wheels, too, can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  9. luke smith says:

    that would make a mint drag bike man! get it to santa pod, 20 quid a day run what ya brung, dare say you’d make a few people in expensive cars cry… also that exhaust looks very very very loud 😀 the way bikes should be haha.

    bit of a bugger that you couldnt race there lad, but at least you’ll be back racing soon, thats the main thing!! have fun and take it easy guy

  10. Stevan says:

    What a Beast that will be! Very Nice though.. good to see your back on form Good luck at the Ulster GP ..

  11. Deniese says:

    Well about time where have you been!! I was gutted I missed u last week in the IoM the weekend I go away go come over, but a lovely friend Dave went along and got a signed photo. I take it now ur back on your bike u shall be here in Sep for the end to end?

    Great to hear your doing well….not so great to hear about that new bike is it really a sesnsible idea. x

  12. Chris Hague says:

    Now then fella, just a quick shout to say glad that all reet kid!!! still look at the photo of the crash and think “how the feck!!” but like i said glad tha sorted fella!!!

  13. Trevor Parsons says:

    Glad to see your on the mend Guy, your new toy looks mental!! 500+bhp will take some hanging on to :)

  14. stephanie says:

    glad you got over for the southern even though you weren’t racing and might i say your lookin good :) xxxxxxxx

  15. Carole says:

    Hi Guy :-) great to hear from you again! Glad the pyhsio said you are “good to go” – bet you can’t wait. I would think a nice little race round Aberdare this weekend would be a good start…….?! Hope to see you there :-)

    The Martek Turbo looks the “muts nuts” – enjoy!!

    As for the orange gnome – he doesn’t look too impressed with your bike…..!!

    GO BIG in all that you do, and be safe.

    Love Carole xx
    PS Only 311 days to go…lol!!!

  16. Lis says:

    I’d pronounce you ‘fit’ any day :) Seriously though, be careful on that new bike – it looks a beast! Have missed your messages – why don’t you get yourself on Twitter? Would love to hear your words of wisdom on a regular basis. Take care xxx

  17. Julia says:

    I thought you’d been quiet just lately, but now i can see why, you’ve got your new toy to keep you out of mischeif.

    Glad to hear that you’re mended now and soon to be back racing.

    lots of love xxx

  18. Jim Wood says:

    Eyup shaft,
    If it’s nitrous you’re after then have a word with John Williamson in Grimsby. He’s known as burgerman and used to write for one of the bike magazines before he got paralized riding his 1200 bandit. He builds his own nitrous kits and seriously knows his onions. He used to race a GSXR1100 and had a mint nitrous kit on than he also built an old sierra with a huge V8 in it and nitrous. What he doesn’t know about 1100’s ain’t worth knowing. He’s also good mates with Dave Urquhart who’s working in Gunster’s at the min.
    Website – http://www.nitrous.info/

  19. Mad Dog says:

    Good to see y’re on the mend, fella. New bike looks awesome. You’ll enjoy The League of Gentlemen, then get the 3 box sets of the tv series, they’re brill. Looking forward to seeing you at Brands, good luck for that.

  20. jason F says:

    Awsome bike there Guy. I am building a Bandit based turbo in a big ally tube frame, should be good fun!

  21. Josh says:

    nice one guy, you mad bugger! nice set of wheels, loverly new bike. When are you coming to new zealand for our road racing!

  22. Wes says:

    Where can i get a pushbike paddock stand thing? Me Mum wants one.

    Oh and Nice Martek, you are fucking nuts btw

  23. Paul the Medic! says:

    Great to hear your improving, take youer time and a good winning future awaits you i am sure, !

  24. BLUR says:

    Is that you on the cover? Nice hat :-)

  25. Clink @ Streetfighters Magazine says:

    Hi Guy,
    We’re all big fans of yours here at Streetfighters and naturally would love to do a feature on your turbo Martek. Let me know if you’re up for a feature shoot – that might possibly involve naked wimmin,
    Clink @ SF.

  26. Aidzuki says:

    GET IT OUT . Proper peice of kit

  27. There is a bit of interet in this bike at

    Good to see you up and about and you havent lost your sense of humour Guy.
    Ramsey sprint with it next year then.

  28. cheryl says:

    New bike looks and sounds good and maybe just a little bit scary!!!! Good luck for Brands Hatch and Ulster.x

  29. Charlie B age 10 says:

    Hi Guy glad you are getting better hope to see you at brands and teach the BSB BOYS HOW TO GO BIG

  30. Charlie B age 10 says:

    Mental bike,glad you are getting better hope to see you at brands and show the BSB BOYS HOW TO GO BIG

  31. Andy Watson says:

    Glad to see you back on 2 wheels mate! TT win next year for sure. Look forward to seeing the martek finished, its awesome.

  32. That is bonkers. I hope the internal bits are forged and balanced. I bet she’s a quiet, shy little bike eh?

  33. michelle says:

    Great to see ur on the up. yous riders are made of different stuff than the rest of us lol. all the best :)

  34. sinead says:

    no armoy then??:( you’ll be missed at this years race :( maybe arr next year.. :)
    GO BIG!!!!!

  35. Lisa Miller says:

    Hey Guy, Good luck for Brands. Hope to see you there. Take it easy on that new toy…you don’t wanna be spoiling your comeback!

  36. auntie dee says:

    the dove from above beckons
    lull of the beeb
    happy days recording

  37. gav says:

    the bike looks cool as

    think the stater button should be a big red button on the tank like you see in war film for sending the nukes as the bike just bonkers

  38. Lis says:

    What’s this about a new series for the BBC? Brilliant! I always said you should have your own TV programme… can’t wait! :) xxxx

  39. GEOFF says:


  40. p1mark says:

    pleased to sea you on your feet at brands (put the pushbike away !) IVE BEEN FEEDING THE KIDS FIVE PORTIONS OF FRUIT AND VEG ADAY SO I might make itto dundrod for your pressy see p1racebatteries.co,uk ps have you ever seen the indian on the front of a guy truck (mint ok your not indian but its mint and my dads got one somewhere for you.

  41. mark craig says:

    Ey up George
    Was in your class at college with Beno n that. Good to see your still as mad as ever, moved on from the days of ya sisters purple mini ha Be cheering ya on up at Olivers mount next month!

  42. Tome says:

    I remember seeing the bike in PB a couple of months ago and seeing the pretty special looking clocks, if I’m remembering them from memory correctly I remember them being the ones from the ‘Evo T100 Fireblade’, a very special one built to celebrate Hondas 100th TT win!

  43. john mcevoy says:

    ur a mad man have u maxed it out yet

  44. marc pomeroy says:

    awesome build guy ! i was watchin u gettin her started @ goodwood on saturday but you didnt get to run her !! did u on sunday ?? i loved the mechanics of it awesome :-)

  45. Frank says:

    A truly fantastic bike..big fan, all the very best.

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