Proper Blog Update!

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September 8th, 2010


Reckon this the latest blog ever, sorry about the wait. I reckon there is a bit to cover since the last, brands hatch, ulster grand prix, cadwell park and the usual goings on.



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Right – first things first, what do you reckon to my new ornament? Ta very much to Simon and Adelle for their fancy wood work, all done with chainsaws, no chisels, scalpels or files, just a chainsaw, proper eh?



what about this mark one escort i saw at the ulster gp, who’s is it? proper tidy eh. some more pics from the six hour down hill at fort william, i’ve only just got a license for my camera, only taken me 3 years to get the hang of it.


i never said a proper thanks for all the cards and pressies after my accident a few months ago, a massive ta, that was some amount of cards.



What about mark one transit vans ? I’m on the case i reckon, its a bit of a perk of the job for a bit I’m doing for the BBC. It’s nowt to do with motor bikes or push bikes, more to do with my fetish for spanners and machines, its not a crime is it? It’ll not get in the way of the motor bike job, its just another job to do as well as fixing trucks, racing push bikes, building engines, and race motor bikes. Reckon I’ve got an hour or two spare over the winter so I’m going to try and get a job working behind the bars again,i miss a bit of glass collecting.



Lego fetish? Is anyone still into it? I got some for Christmas and that flicked my switch again so that was it , I raided my mum and dads loft to drag out the stuff I had when I was a kid. I do need to grow up dont I?



and another thing , my mate andy has just got his new show truck, i wouldnt want the job of polishing that would you?



this weekend is end to end weekend in the isle of man, I’ve been in training so we’ll see how we get on. what do you recon to my new seat?



Danny, Cammy and Alastair have been signed up for a modeling contract – what a bunch of tarts eh?



Cadwell was my last meeting , them Harleys aren’t a bad old job, not what i was excepting, a bit more time was needed i recon , but really enjoyed it, different is the word i’d use, not wrong just different.



Ulster Grand Prix – could have been worse, could have been better, but at the end of the day I’d say I was happy enough, being my first proper race back and all, so i shouldn’t complain should I?


Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser; that’s the saying I’m going with.