Pre-65 Trials

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November 24th, 2009


Now then, cant beat a bit of British weather. I’m not designed for that Australian stuff. The flat cap will be out soon.


Pre-65 classic trials, now we’re talking. You can have your TTs, Megavalanch, cheese rolling or whatever, this is where it’s at. Good old George lent me his Triumph Tiger Cub to do the Poachers Classic Trial on. Now I’ve never done owt on a trial bike before so I had to do with my push bike helmet, work boots and overalls. That’s proper keeping it real, isnt it?


It was the most laidback meeting ever. Proper well organised and nowt too serious. And it’s taught me that your never too old. I got showed a thing or two by blokes thee times my age. I’ve got a lot to learn.

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  1. kev 46 says:

    Keep it real Guy. How many turned up in lycra condoms and fell off all the time? Propper trials bike is that, a mate of mine has one and goes riding with Mick Grant.
    Any news on what bikes you’ll be winning TT’s on next year?
    I’ll pop in and see you at HG in manchester on 12th dec.
    GO BIG

  2. Clarence Sale says:

    Excellent. Are you allowed to smoke a pipe!? Any news on who you’re riding for next year?

  3. defcon166 says:

    Oh that is definately keeping it real ‘player’, you look like you have just finished work, remindes me of the days of riding over the fields in me school uniform ha ha.

  4. giles says:

    all the best with Wilson in 2010,hope to see you at a few nationals

  5. craig mison says:

    propper mint that!!! least you didnt finish last boy!!! nice to see you at our local club, sure george will let you use the cub again or james might even lend you his c15 lol hope to see you at more events

  6. Duncan says:

    What the f*** do you look like in that helmet! Wilson Craig deal sounds good. Hope it all works out for 2010.

  7. Babs says:

    Ace, I think there’s something nice about seeing a boiler suit and work boot riding combo! We rode past a little kid on a tricycle wearing a full face helmet! Either overprotective parents or he saw it and thought it looked the business!! xx

  8. David peters says:

    Proper good old day trials .

  9. Andrew says:

    Great picture is that no 34? reminds me of another great racer Kevin Schwantz.

  10. hi guy we was just wondering if u would be intrested in joing one ov the bigest bikers club in yorkshire and humberside

    where a fourm club were we would like some tips on riding from u look foward to hearing from u

    dont be put off by my name its just im the only member wid a ped lol is fun trying to keep up wid superbikes and cruisers

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