A new toolbox, engine, website and some silverware…

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August 17th, 2012


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…as late as ever, sorry


I see I’ve got a new web site, what do you reckon?


A fair bit to mention since last time – a fairish amount of motor bike racing, plenty of push-biking, more than my fair share of house painting, as much work as ever, and a new tool box. So I’ve been keeping out of mischief.


It was the Ulster GP last weekend, a week without any rain made a welcome change, ta very much as ever for all the support, and to all the lads for a top effort.


Before that I was doing a bit of endurance push biking with the lads from hope, ta very much to simon and the boys for the teeth gritting. It was a proper wet old lot, you wouldn’t have believed there was as much mud in the universe as there was at the mountain mayhem race, good do though, I was well ready for me bath.


What else?? I went and picked up my new tool box, that was an adventure! I’ll get some pics of her up.


My road trip to sweden was a success, oh and I’ve got another engine for my front room, can you see it parked next to one of the trucks? I’ve got a prize for any one who can tell me what wouldn’t fit in the picture? Only a keen eye will see it, I reckon I’ve got a pair of handle bar grips and a strong jar of horse radish for the winner, if you can guess I’ll be more than impressed. Ta to Chris and Neil at Kelltruck for the top job.


What else???????? Oh i hear danny has been keeping you informed with that twatting business – I hope he has kept it clean and kept the onions sweet????


What do you recon to some of the other pics??? A few things are taking shape don’t you reckon??


I reckon there could be a bit of a calandar job in the pipeline as well, none of that posing sameold same-old shit, it’ll be a calander I’d have in the garage and not the titted meat patch varity, I’ll get my finger out and keep you informed.





41 Responses to “A new toolbox, engine, website and some silverware…”

  1. Marc Hickinson says:


    My keen eye has spotted that there doesnt appear to be a mug of yorkshire tea in this pic! My guess is that your mugs of tea are that big they wouldn’t fit…


  2. Helen Davies says:

    If the calendar has been suggested by Tyco for Charity it was a e-mail I sent them 2 months ago. Your sites fab by the way. X

  3. Afternoon All!
    Well Tip of the pipe comes to mind, as does the walkway (Better cover up the clock before photos in future!) Ladder, End of Brush,Mug…What has come to mind is make of the lorry….All I know is is that it isn’t a Foden! (Before they went all All Paccar)
    Lack of tools come to mind as well! or could it be the manufacturers symbol on the back of the cab? Guessing Scania or to be really controversial Volvo!
    Oh and before the missus says anthing about engines in the house (Nice V8 by the way…) turn them into coffee tables bit of glass and loctite should sort you! From clutter to art deco in 5 mins…
    Till next time!

  4. Brad says:

    Guy, I’m liking the new website layout, its the first time I’ve had a chance to have a good look around it. The style of the graphics and background details all make it look like its your website alright. Glad to see it up and running again.

  5. phil simmo simpson says:

    hi guy going back to the engine pic you have left a can of polish on top the engine. truck and engine are mint. all the best

  6. Theresa Garrett says:

    CHOCOLATE HOBNOBS thats whats missing LOL!!! Hurray for the calendar (that will be on me Christmas list)!!! Theresa

  7. James says:

    Great new website. I noticed that the truck is left hand drive. Is that the answer? Keep up the great work. Brill blog.

  8. Jimmy theFoden loving weirdo says:

    Thats a reyt proper smart streamline is that. 143? CENTURION?

  9. bobo says:




  10. James 'fat arms' hardy says:

    Nice picture of the engine. Looks like an old lorry my dad used to drive. Scania 143 top line 450. Loving the new website guy, and keep up the good work with the road racing! Massive fan.



  11. Dai_Exup69 says:

    Your new toolbox?

  12. James 'fat arms' hardy says:

    P.S- is it that the left eminox stack doesn’t fit in?

  13. Teresa CM says:

    Crackin shiny truck and loving the new website format! I think you couldn’t fit in your exhaust…waaaayy too tall. :)

  14. andy says:

    Volvo next to ya buggy,reason for sweden trip? that the boosted one, caged up the lot? Saw the for sale add for it if so, few months back! Pure porn! Blast it through benniworth a time or two if its the one please chief :)

  15. Ben Hagerty says:

    I’m guessing that it’s a road bike of some description? I can see what I think is a wing mirror just poking into the picture…

  16. Sam McCarthy says:

    cracking old job on the roads the other day. Website doesn’t look too shabby either chief!

  17. John says:

    Hi guy, is that turbo right on that v8 lump if I remember rightly they run along the back of the lump with the compressor inlet facing out on the off side of the lump. Could be wrong though it’s been a while since I’ve had a cab up on a 143, unless it’s a 16 ltr lump maybe. Anyway I’m off for a brew and a kip, keep em lit boy!

    • John says:

      Thinking on its not a 16ltr coz they’ve got the square rocker covers unlike the 14ltr that has v shaped ones as in the pic, something deffo not right with how that turbos fitted though boy.

  18. mr bodger [volvo tec] says:

    we fit lots of kelsa light bars,is that one leaning on the bench.as you can tell every body at work as a nickname,keep it real, live life to the max,andy

  19. Chris Walsh says:

    Pictures look great. You really have been busy. God you have the life guy :)

  20. Lynne Mount says:

    Pint waiting at The Boat Inn if ever you’re passing through Rugby… x
    I’m also guessing the new toolbox is too big it’s missing from the photo.

  21. is it that whacking great turbo that wont fit ?

    remember being an apprentice and removing the skin on my right hand as i lend on one that was tranversly mounted a little further back ? Get the picks of your box up , just spanked an arm and left testicle on a lovely KRL number from our local highwayman

  22. Tony Bell says:

    Sat on holyhead port waiting for my trailer to arrive from Ireland the other Friday night think it was about the 10th of August wait for the 1 am Stenna to come in and when it arrived what came off the boat a TYCO suzuki 7.5 tonner anything to do with you guy?????? lol

  23. Alan Keetlay says:

    Wouldnt be that Merlin engine you were after would it guy?

  24. ian says:

    a pair of tits

  25. Jennicake says:

    Loving the site, top job :) calendar..? (yay!)

  26. Gregg S says:

    Is it the matching painted gearbox that’s missing?

    Cheers Chief!


  27. Carole says:

    Hi Guy,
    Great new website design!
    Tom thinks it’s the gear box that’s missing – I think it’s a packet of Jaffa’s!! :)
    Looking forward to Scarborough – GO BIG, GUY!!
    The offer of a brew in our van still stands …… :)
    Love Carole xx

  28. freya currie says:

    great new site,like all of it including the tea stains. congrats on winning the ulster grand prix and what style i may add, looks like you’ve scared off that niggling racing hex thats been dogging you this year, locked and loaded methinks. someone correct me if i’m wrong but no Alan it’s not the gorgeous merlin, that lump in the photo is big and butch the merlin is sleek and sexy,theres some sweet sounding engines out there but the merlin is the sweetest. if it had of been guys merlin i would of said the object missing from the photo would be the rest of one of A.V.Roes finest the lancaster bomber. Good luck for september i’m rootin for you. x

  29. Phil Hutchinson says:

    Well, manifold has Scania written on it so my bete would be it’s for a DAF…kidding!

    Not sure what it’s for but it’d def give the narrow boat a bit of umpf 😉

  30. Brett Hickey says:

    Because I have no idea what’s missing from your picture I’m just Gunnar take a few cheeky stabs in the dark…
    Trailer,brew,exhaust stack top,lead up ramp,Air dam,catwalk,bike,toolbox??
    Just gettin silly now…cheers anyway boss, great job at golden cup, I had a great weekend although the wind got annoying Sunday! Great stuff

  31. Kevin Cleveland says:

    Would it be what appears to be a red motorcycle reflected in the paint just rear of the cab window of that shiny blue and silver truck?

  32. Kevin says:

    Reflected in the cab just rear of the window, looks like a red bike?
    Great website. It’s been fun lookin around.
    Continued success-

  33. Darren Wrudd says:

    I reckon its that huge truck that you are going to put that engine into, reflected ni the left hand cylinder head, Humvee……monster truck???
    Kepp it shiny side up Guy, your a leg end..


  34. Niklas H says:

    Hi Guy.
    I see that you have a picture of VÖX:s old/new Amazon.
    I guess you bought it of him hence the trip to Sweden.
    Sad to see it leave the country.
    But I recon that you will take good care of it.
    Can’t wait for 2013 to start so I can use my new calendar.
    Kind Regards.

  35. Shera says:

    Youre utterly cute 😀

  36. lightemup says:

    I reckon its a yellow spray can? Guy can you teach me how to get my knee down? Love the truck, im a big scania fan and a truck driver and i also ride a gsxr 1000 k6

  37. Amon Deuchar says:

    Its your new tool box, sitting in front of the truck. Black one!

  38. amazing truck..i really like it..do you know how much the price?

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